Monday, February 17, 2014

First rejection letter

Last week I got my first rejection letter (ever). I admit that I aimed a bit high, but that's why I'm doing this, right, to be successful and share my talents with the world. No worries. It didn't depress me at all. In fact, it pushed me to write more of late. The funny thing is, I don't even think they read my crafty query letter at all. I got this back in literally 3 weeks. Do you know how fast that is in the writing/publishing world? That alone tells me they are way too busy to even consider new talent. It pretty much says so in the letter (that also seemed very generic). But hey, I will use this letter to start a collection. It just means I must work harder.

This might sound crazy, but I look forward to rejection letters. To me, it means someone has considered my work. And even before that, it means I've DONE my work and sent it off. It is written proof of my productivity. I've heard from other writers that often a rejection letter will include tips on how to improve the writing. Not all of them take the time to do this, but if they do, how cool is that!

As long as I'm producing content, I consider myself a success. I advise that same attitude to others. Do not let anyone but you judge your own success. The number one reason most of us write, to begin with, is because we simply love doing it.

I like to share my progress because I feel it could inspire others to follow suit.

I submitted 4 poems to a poetry contest for Blue Mountain Arts the other day. That felt good, considering they have been sitting in a folder on my desktop for years! And today I submitted another story and a poem in two of the categories for Chicken Soup For the Soul. I had one story published last October by them, so I'm at it again.

Being an autism mom means very little writing time, but thankfully, I have a helpful hubby who takes over sometimes so I can lock myself in my room for a couple hours and tear up this keyboard. This, my friends, is one of those evenings. Off I go to write a creepy doll story. :)

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