Friday, May 22, 2015

No rest for the wicked

That blog title is one of my favorite old sayings. It suits me perfectly. I've been quite the busy gal since my last post 100 years ago. I've completed 2 short stories and submitted them to several publications, one sci-fi, one not. I'm playing the waiting game now, hoping some of the good I've sent around comes back around. I'm still on the never-ending quest to break into the fiction writing world. I'll get that byline someday.

I've taken a writing break to focus on some other stuff. Starting from several months back, I made some wedding card boxes for a family member's big day, and I'll be working on another one soon for an August wedding. I finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and I've been working on some art projects. I also read The Martian by Andy Weir (whom I met recently--will elaborate in the next post). I finished watching all 9 seasons of "The X-Files" and "Firefly" (sad that Netflix took "Serenity," the sort-of sequel off their instant-watch listing). And most recently, I finished this piece of art today. I guess this counts as something word related since it's made of magazine pages.

It's an 11x14 canvas covered with rolled up magazine pages that I tore out (8 magazines, to be exact), cut in half, folded and rolled. Lot's of hot glue and tape involved. Ten days and roughly 60 hours of work later, I have a pretty art piece for my Etsy store. Oh yea, that's yet another undertaking of late. Gotta have several avenues to release that creative energy. I'll talk about the store when there's more to talk about.

Now starts the weekend. Perhaps I'll complete another short story ... or another art piece. Or both. Let the productivity continue in whatever shape it decides to take on.