Monday, May 22, 2017

When life keeps you too busy

Currently, I'm trying desperately to finish a short story that an online publication had shown interest in back in Feb. For several months, my life has felt like a never-ending hurdle relay race. I write when I can until I'm summoned to the next non-writing endeavor that yanks me away from my keyboard kicking and screaming.

Thanks to tax season, I was able to replace my broken laptop that was barely working with a gorgeous Dell Inspiron. The itch to use it is unbearable. Come on, Universe! Let me write, and I promise to use you as a protagonist.

No worries, though. I'm happy that I have my short ghost story almost done as well as two almost-finished novel manuscripts. So it's not like productivity is dwindling. I'm giving myself a pass for zero productivity this past weekend because I was in Austin celebrating my son's graduation from UT. Thrilling, to say that least. FYI, there is one more theatre arts teacher in the world.
*Mental cartwheel*

This graphic made me laugh. I always do this! I have exactly one hour before I have to go pick up the hubby and kiddo, so that's it for now!  Write on.