Sunday, March 5, 2017

Series domination

Hello, and welcome to my first post in 2017. Pathetic, in a sense, but I can say that since my last post, I've had some noteworthy haps.

The Game of Thrones book series has dominated my reading time since the series finale last year. I decided to dive into it to quell the pain of the void left behind by the end of a season that also signified a long wait until the next dose. I'm halfway done with book 5, Game of Thrones: A Dance With Dragons, which is the last book available currently. I realize now by delving into the book series, I've doubled my pain. You see, since the story line in the TV series is different from the books and each has a different release date, I have to anticipate both with bated breath. I have read nothing else but GoT (well, except for The Count of Monte Cristo) since starting the series. It's an addiction, I tell you. Once I finish reading, I'll hop over to my book blog and give you a scintillating book review, promise. Until then, I'll have to leave off here with this graphic to express my feelings ...

Great News

My next spot of shareable news is that I got a bite on one of my fiction short stories! FINALLY. Any dedicated writer will understand how thrilling it is to get a positive response from an editor after a zillion rejections across the globe. Basically, this publication's editorial team loved most of my story, called my writing "amazing," and requested some tweaks on the ending (which confused them a bit). I was told to complete the edits and resubmit. Even if they don't end up accepting it for publication, I call this a huge win and the confidence boost I needed so badly. I'll fill you in on the details if there is Earth-moving news to report post re-submission.

Whew! Back to it.