Friday, July 18, 2014


Greetings all,

Has it really been this long? My lapse in posting is by no means indicative of zero productivity. It's quite the opposite. Aside from being obsessed with the FIFA World Cup the past month (Yay, Germany!), I've been on the motivation train, scribing down all my bright story ideas that never stop using my mind as a portal, submitting my ebook to various agents and publications hoping to get it a good deal post-self-publishing. I received half a dozen more rejection letters, but in the mix of it all, I also received a nice dose of positive energy ...

Yet another of my stories will be published by Chicken Soup for the Soul in their upcoming book Touched by an Angel, due out October 7, 2014. That makes two with them so far. The moment every writer craves--being published. What makes this more cool is that for years I've read Chicken Soup books and loved their themes. Being published with them is like a dream come true, as cliche as that sounds.

Now I'd like to do the same with a fiction short story! That would really thrill me. As a journalist, naturally, I tend to dish out the non-fiction stories much faster. Nonetheless, this latest piece of success is just the confidence boost I need to remain in writing mode.

So remember.